Many help bring baby into world

I want to take a moment and recognize our wonderful community’s incredible hospital staff and facilities. After spending four days there for the birth of our son Oberon Alby Jackson (long may he reign!), Jennifer and I were so very impressed with their level of professionalism, their compassion and all of their efforts ensuring our birthing experience was everything it should be.  

Though I know we will miss a few names, we would be remiss if we did not recognize personally: Sonia, Julie, Mary Lou, and Laura, our incredible midwives at the West Wing; the smiling faces and comforting words offered by nurses Dana, Heather, Hailee, Heidi, Denise (we hope your hand heals quickly!) Jean and Mark at the hospital and in the OR made those long nights so much easier; Doctors Stone, Wiest and Bell for ushering in Homer’s newest residents with skill, kindness, and our health and safety as your first priority; Dr. Brian Miller (sorry we made you miss the movie … SPOILERS! Matt Damon gets safely off Mars!) your efficiency and cheerful bedside manner really got us through; finally, thank you to the cafeteria staff for providing us with good food to eat and fresh coffee while this new dad tried to begin to understand just what being a father means.

We are so fortunate to have this incredibly talented and caring group of people in our little town.  Thank you for all that you do!

Curtis Jackson and Jennifer Norton