Many help KBBI complete project

When a challenging and complex project is successfully completed there follows a sense of relief and accomplishment. And also gratitude for those who helped us in achieving that success.

Such is the case with KBBI’s recently completed audio console project. Donors, engineers, creative talent, hardworking staff — all came into play as we moved forward in upgrading equipment crucial to our mission to serve the communities of the southern Kenai Peninsula and Cook Inlet. 

 Major financial support came from the Rasmuson Foundation, the Homer Foundation,  Alaska Public Broadcasting Inc. and you. KBBI’s crowdfunding effort was a success in helping KBBI complete this undertaking within our projected budget. 

A cast of, well, not quite thousands, but many talented Homer video stars, deserve recognition for their efforts. The video they created entertained and inspired about 150 people to contribute to our online campaign.

Thanks also to KBBI’s hard-working staff and board of directors who helped with fundraising, equipment purchases, coordination and support for our technical engineers, and the multitude of details that need to come together to achieve this goal of sustainable program delivery into the future.

KBBI is here for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Thank you all for being here for us when the need is great. 

 David S. Anderson

KBBI general manager