Many make Halibut Fest possible

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who sponsored, volunteered for, participated in and otherwise supported the Homer Halibut Festival in September. As a fisherman and as an advocate for our marine ecosystem and the many livelihoods and traditions made within it, I am deeply grateful for the support and spirit my hometown showed as the Alaska Marine Conservation Council kicked off this inaugural fisheries festival in Homer. 

To the dozens of volunteers who pitched in time setting up tents and tables, cooking and serving food, putting up flyers, manning welcome tables, flagging for the Halibut Hustle, and much more — thank you! 

To our sponsors: International Pacific Halibut Commission, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Rep. Paul Seaton, Trident Seafoods, Alaska Boats and Permits, ANL Corporation, Bulletproof Nets, Captain Mike’s Charters, Cook Inletkeeper, Homer Chamber of Commerce, Icicle Seafoods, North Pacific Fisheries Association, Preventative Dental Services, Salmon Sisters and Salty Girls Gifts and Booking — thank you! 

To those who donated food, space and services: Alice’s Champagne Palace, Auction Block, Coal Point Trading Co., Islands and Ocean Visitor Center, Kachemak Bay Running Club, La Baleine Cafe, Land’s End Resort, Spit Sisters, F/V Captain Cook, F/V Challenger, F/V Dangerous Cape, F/V Nuka Point, F/V Sheik, Paul and Jennifer Castellani, Bob Durr, Robert Heimbach, Lori Jenkins, Sunrise Kilcher, Jessica Shepherd, Kyra Wagner, Todd Hoppe and Chris Moss — thank you! 

This festival would have been impossible without the support, guidance and participation of the community. Together, we can celebrate the vitality of our diverse fisheries, and work toward a sustainable fishing future. 

Thank you, 

Hannah Heimbuch

Community Fisheries Organizer

Alaska Marine Conservation Council