Many thanks for scholarships

This year I was chosen to receive both the Constance Benston Music scholarship and the Youth Summer Fine Arts scholarship by the Homer Council on the Arts. 

The awards support music education for young people around the community, and I would like to thank HCOA and the Homer Foundation for the honor of these generous gifts. I play a lot of music around town, and I really appreciate the support that I get from HCOA, and the Homer community.It’s great to have such energetic dancers at marimba performances, and have people enjoy the Brahm’s Requiem so much. I couldn’t think of a better community to be a part of as a young musician. I get so much opportunity to be creative, and generous scholarships like the ones I was awarded are truly amazing. 

I would like to thank HCOA, the Homer Foundation, and the entire town for supporting me in my artistic endeavours. 

Patrick Latimer