Many thanks to Dave Brann

The newly expanded City of Homer Parks, Arts, Recreation, and Culture Advisory Commission has been busy as usual absorbing the concerns and accolades of the community, and formulating strategies and goals for the future. We are excited to have expanded out from seven to 10 commissioners, and welcome the new additions of Clark Fair and Jonathan Sharp.

On a more somber note, we are saying goodbye to longtime commissioner, and all around outdoor advocate, Dave Brann. As a longtime advocate for outdoor recreation and education, Dave has left his mark on countless lives in the Homer area. It’s difficult to calculate all the years as a teacher running the Project Adventure program, years maintaining trails with the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club, and years working with the Kachemak Bay Water Trail, among so many other worthwhile endeavors.

But I would like to take a moment to highlight his public service through his role on the commission over these years. From his initial interest in the original Beach Policy Taskforce, through his guidance on so many park improvements, trail installations, property acquisitions, and policy adjustments, Dave has always served as a down-to-earth, reasonable and relatable voice at an often excited table. His dedication to the position has kept him in the position of vice chair for years now, always willing to step in and take the reins when needed. While Dave will be missed on this commission, we know he will continue to give back to this community in innumerable ways. Whether you enjoy sitting in the new pavilion on the Spit, swooshing down the ski trails on Rogers Loop, or enjoying a sandwich on the bench at Ben Walters Park, take a moment to thank Dave.

Matt Steffy, chair

Parks, Arts, Recreation, and Culture Advisory Commission