Mariners on the Move

Each Homer High faculty member nominates one outstanding student as a “Mariner on the Move” per year based on scholarships and citizenship. Nominees and their families are invited to a celebration catered by the HHS culinary arts class. First quarter winners are (from left): 

• Liam Somers, nominated by Camron Wyatt;
• Haley Raymond, nominated by Monica Stockburger;
• Adam Poss, nominated by Cindy Bedingfield;
• Melanie Mastolier, nominated by Mickey Todd;
• Grace Kann, nominated by Lauren Childers and Vicki Lowe;
• Breeanna Torsen, nominated by Douglas Waclawski;
• Ben Westphal, nominated by Dianne Spence;
• Quinn Daugharty (not pictured), nominated by Gordon Pitzman.