May Day party with a twist

What a fabulous Fireweed Academy May Day celebration we experienced May 4. Despite the cold, the wind and whatever that white stuff was on the ground, folks came out and celebrated spring as only Alaskans can do — in our coats, hats, mittens and mud boots. 

There was food, there was music, there was fun and there were some very generous people — donations came to $4,685.63 — with the students being the beneficiaries of that generosity.

 Our thanks to everyone who planned, donated items and money, set up, worked booths, played tunes, danced, came to participate, cleaned up … the list of duties is long, the list of volunteers even longer. While it’s always dicey to mention names, as everyone played an important role, I would like to mention the worker bees who met week after week, planning and organizing this event. My thanks to Adele Person Groning, Susan Houlihan, Sara Braund, Beka Thoning, Pauli Iida, Joey Kraszeski and Annie Van Dinther. You had vision, technique and grace all the time. It was a pleasure to work with you.