McNeil scientists share their research

Eighty-one students from McNeil Canyon Elementary and Razdolna schools put their curious minds and research abilities on display April 30. The occasion was McNeil’s science fair, with Laura Murphy’s fourth- and fifth-grade class inviting Razdolna to join in the fun.
The fair included a total of 53 science experiments and research projects.
Judges Mark Romano, Kris Holdereid and Jan Rumble awarded prizes to the following students:
Kindergarten through third-great experiment
First place: Bristol Johnson;
Tied for second place: Raiden Skorski-O’Donnell  and Hannah Stonorov;
Third place: Wynne Reed.

Kindergarten through
third-grade research
Tied for first place:
Briar Boyd and Eryn Field;
Tied for second place:
Halen Nordstrom and Rebecca Trowbridge;
Third place: Elsa Milne and Minadora Reutov.
Fourth- through
sixth-grade experiment
Tied for first place: Rio Shemet Pitcher and the team of Melanie Morris and Neviya Reed;
Second place: Fiona Hatton;
Third place: The team of Vonnie Carson and Aurora Greenstreet.

Fourth- through
sixth-grade research
First place: Katelyn Engebretson;
Tied for second place: McKenzy Johnson and Maya Kelly;
Third place: The team of Emmet Wilkinson and Ella Blanton-Yourkowski.