Micciche polarizes with SB 120

Behold, Micciche the Magnificent. For his latest trick, Sen. Peter Micciche pre-filed SB 120, a measure guaranteed to turn that frown upside down for the Jerry Prevo gay-bashing crowd while infuriating just about everyone else who has any compassion for our LGBT brothers and sisters.   

But getting scolded for fanning the flames of hatred is a small price to pay if it keeps folks from asking more penetrating questions.

For example, what kind of financial shape would we be in without the $10 billion we accumulated in the Constitutional Budget Reserve, stashed away thanks to the progressive tax structure under ACES?

How much more savings would we have in the Constitutional Budget Reserve if we’d rejected SB 21?

How can he sleep at night after voting for SB 21, an absolute giveaway to his boss, ConocoPhillips? 

Micciche’s got the Republican playbook down pat: Distract the masses with incendiary social issues while the oil companies quietly pump our oil and pay us next to nothing for it. 

What a polarizing, cunning tactic for one who aspires to become governor.

Eric Treider