Midtown Cafe serving kids, but needs community support

My name is Rob Way and I am the director of Midtown Café. Midtown has been providing a place for kids to land for several years now. However, since our departure from the Refuge Chapel building, we have been struggling financially. In fact, we lost close to $1,000 per month in sales to the churches in that building when we left.

At our current pace we won’t survive another month.  This doesn’t mean that what’s happening inside the café has slowed down one bit.

We’re seeing more and more kids come in everyday, it’s awesome. My family and I joined the café as volunteers in November 2009 and have spent the last 3-plus years investing in the kids that come and hang out here. There are kids (grade school and up) that show up after school, day after day, and don’t leave until 10 p.m.

We have an awesome opportunity here; we may be the only person in this kid’s life who cares what kind of day they’ve had or what’s going on in their lives. It takes time, but after a while, relationships develop and we get the chance to help these kids. Not to just stay out of trouble, but to begin to make positive choices in their lives.

My wife and I have seen kids come in who don’t want to talk, they just want a coke, but after months of “little moments,” a good number consider us friends, and we’ve seen a big difference in behaviors and attitudes in the kids who call Midtown home.

I’d like to issue a challenge. If you care about the youth of Homer, not just your kids, but all of “our” kids, then please, consider supporting the work we do with a monthly, tax-deductible, donation.

Homer needs a youth center. Midtown is that, but much more. We’re not just interested in providing a “safe place,” we’re interested in making a lasting impact in the lives of the kids you see walking the street everyday. For information on how to support Midtown, you can contact me by email, at rob@midtownkids.com. Thank you.

Rob Way

Midtown Café