Mike Kennedy deserves support

Mike Kennedy has been a great neighbor and a community member for a very long time. He  was a supporter of my local business, the Red Pepper Kitchen. I have always appreciated the skills he can bring to the table. Mike has helped others in countless ways.  Though many of the folks he has helped have passed, or new folks on boards of nonprofits may not be familiar with his deeds, the help was generous and many times selfless.

I value people by what they do and not what they have.  The folks who want to see the value of  property unencumbered by the “junk” of Mike Kennedy’s should be counting the value of his contributions and not the “bottom line.”

This is an issue of individual style verse substance. I live in this state because the Constitution of the state allows me liberties that I value more than the “bottom line.” Mike was there respectfully being Mike before the potential big bucks of the property matured and should be allowed to finish out his existence on that land, respected as the good community person he is without threats and litigation to drive him off like a mangy dog; ugly should not be a crime. 

I have long felt that the folks who complain the loudest about property value stay the shortest and are not interested in being neighbors, just passing investors. 

Shawn Fate