Miller can’t be bought

My family and I recently had the honor and pleasure of hosting Joe Miller and some of his crew when they came to Homer for the debate with Mead Treadwell and Dan Sullivan.

I have long supported Joe and agree with just about all of his policies and positions.  After getting to know him over the three days he was in Homer and seeing his performance in the debate, I’ve got to say that in my opinion he has done his homework and paid his dues. 

He is a man of honor, integrity, and high principles. He is also a warrior. He took an oath to defend this country and its constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. He upheld that oath in battle in the first Gulf War and put his life on the line in the process. He is ready to do the same in Washington. He believes the federal government has far overstepped its bounds and has put the country in peril. 

Joe will do his best to set things straight and put the Beast back in its box. My sense of the man is that he is running for the Senate out of love for this country, a strong sense of duty and deep feelings for the rightness and wrongness of things. He won’t quit, he won’t back down  and he can’t be bought. 

Captain Vernon Adkison

(Master Mariner, USMM; Alaska state marine pilot; gold dredger in Nome; and resident of Homer for more than 20 years)