More about vaccination scandal

To my disappointment, the six members of our local medical staff who chose to respond to my earlier Point of View, “Truth about vaccines not told,” did so by way of attempted degradation of the “5-10 percent” of Homer parents choosing not to vaccinate their children. 

To correct their misinterpretation, I would like to point out that the inference of my POV was not to say that Dr. Thompson came out against vaccines, but rather that he came out to say, “Oh my God, I can’t believe we did what we did,” speaking of the manipulation of crucial data in the 2004 study disproving a link between autism and the MMR vaccine. 

The purpose of my POV was to shine a bright light on corruption within the Centers for Disease Control, and to ask our medical staff if they would be standing by their oath and acknowledging said corruption. 

They are not, and to the surprise of many, myself included, instead stated that they in fact feel the oath they took is unfortunate and, taking it a step further, impossible to carry out. The way I see their message to Homer families can easily be summarized by the following paragraph:

“Make an informed decision, using only the limited information that we provide and thus approve (exempting vaccine inserts, obviously), and if that ‘informed decision’ sways against our will for your child you are essentially an irresponsible parent and citizen.”

And most importantly the underpinning of their message rings clear, “Don’t ever, EVER, go public when we hurt you, as we inevitably will.”

Ashley Gregoire

(I am a wife, mother of three and 

certified holistic health coach)