More freedom better than less

Pressed and inquired of as to if, bottom line, I’d vote Democrat or Republican, I replied there’s other choices (even if you feel the system is totally rigged). The true “powers that be” control both those parties. They make it appear that we have a choice. They get us to feud over issues that the other party seems to champion, yet these issues, for the most part, these “powers” care little of. It serves their interests for us to be distracted from the big issues.

I got to thinking about caged or domesticated compared to the free range or wild in the animal kingdom and make this analogy. The “caged” are protected and fed by an overseer. The wild or free range have less protection and greater risks of death or injury. Yet those “wilder” are stronger and healthier, and certainly live more interesting lives. 

In humans, the more liberty we have, the more innovative, inventive and productive we are. Given the choice, I’d choose to be more free — despite the extra risks and some of the seeming cruelty incurred. 

Talking about government, guns, privacy, etc., when is the last time Congress (the millionaire club) passed legislation to strengthen rights and freedoms rather than allow their erosion? 

Rev. Richard Olson