Moving on to new adventures

To all KBBI listeners and the community of Homer:

As KBBI’s Morning Host/News Reporter for the past four years it has been my privilege to wake you up each weekday morning. Despite the job’s early morning hours, I took comfort in knowing that people were not only listening, but also depending on the information offered up while I navigated through NPR’s Morning Edition, local newscasts, weather, tides, community announcements and, of course, the bushlines.  

My reporting duties put me in touch with many different segments of the community, and because of that I quickly saw what a welcoming and unique place Homer is.  I thank you all for sharing information with me, and I truly appreciate the positive feedback you’ve given me. 

I have now moved on to a new job. But as communications coordinator for the Pratt Museum I will still be in touch with many of the same community members I worked with before, plus many new ones.

I will undoubtedly miss that first sip of Captain’s Coffee as I cued up whatever piece of music inspired me on any given morning — just before I sat down, turned on the microphone and welcomed each of you to a new day.

But never fear, you can still hear me on KBBI’s airwaves during evening volunteer music shows — and this time I get to play songs with lyrics.  Rock on.

Thanks again, Homer.

Marcia Lynn