Museum doesn’t need city’s money

The city of Homer runs a library and community recreation program that need more money for their worthwhile and appreciated programs, money the city says it does not have. Yet, the 2014 budget again contains $66,500 for the Pratt Museum.  

The city agreed in 1967 to maintain the museum if for any reason it ceased to exist under its own management.  For 47 years, the museum has used this agreement as a special invitation to receive operating funds from the city. In the early days, the museum helped the city entertain visiting  dignitaries and allowed the city to hold meetings in its facility when there was no room in the small city office across the road. The 1967 agreement even provides that the city may use the museum auditorium as and for council  chambers.  

It was reasonable that the city compensate the museum for its services. Times have changed. The museum is flourishing; the city has its own facilities. The city should confine its expenditures to its own responsibilities. Sixty-six thousand, five hundred dollars would be a big help for the library and community recreation program. 

Mary Griswold