Ninilchik principal gets ‘pied’

When Ninilchik School students discovered one pie left from games at a 

Dec. 20 pep assembly, they wondered what to do with it. Their solution: throw it at Principal Jeff Ambrosier.

“I said OK, but not for free. Let’s raise some money for somebody,” said Ambrosier.

When the idea was announced in teacher Barbara Denboer’s class, Robert McGinnis was the first to empty his pockets and donate to the cause. His quick response made him the obvious choice as pie-thrower.

“That’s what struck (Denboer), that this was a kid with a giving heart,” said Robert’s mother, Lara McGinnis.

Denboer called McGinnis for her approval.

“She was worried he might be too embarrassed or uncomfortable. And besides, he just adores Mr. Ambrosier,” said McGinnis.

Robert welcomed the honor, however.

What followed was a frenzy of students’ cell phone texts and calls to friends and family as they sought to raise funds.

Discussing what to do with the money they collected, Ambrosier and the students  chose to keep it local.

After checking with Kathryn Kennedy, executive director of the Ninilchik Senior Center, it was decided the center’s meals on wheels program was a suitable recipient.

“In just two hours, the student council members walked through the school and between the staff and students, they raised more than $150,” said Ambrosier. 

With the student body filling the bleachers, and with Ambrosier covered in a thin layer of protective plastic, he and Robert took their places in the middle of the gym, Robert picked up the pie and did what few students get to do, pie the principal

“Everybody was laughing. They were really jealous that they didn’t get to do that,” said Robert.

Ambrosier’s response to the unexpected slice of holiday pie?

“It was a chocolate pie. And it was fat-free,” he said.