Obama-Care proves life changing

This election season it seems impossible to avoid the implication that Obama-Care is the worst thing since canned lima beans. I hadn’t been able to understand that. 

For the last 40 years I have been one those that  had a choice of  being able to have health insurance or to be able to do a fun trip or so each year. But not both. Being a healthy active optimistic guy, I chose to skip the insurance.

  A year ago I saw where I was now obligated to purchase health insurance under this new Obama program. I looked into it and found out my monthly premium would be about one quarter of what health insurance would have been so I signed up.

Shortly afterwards I came down with a bladder infection that antibiotics weren’t curing. They discovered I had a moose-sized bladder that wasn’t draining. The tests to figure out why, ran through my $5,000 deductable in part of one day. The problem was credited to a defective prostate. The following surgeries and medical procedures would have been financially devastating without the insurance. It paid everything. 

I think I did figure out why some politicians are so opposed to it however. They branded it so well as Obama-Care, rather than Affordable Health Care, that it may be impossible for them to take credit for it now. No matter what it is called, it was life changing for me, and I didn’t even  have to switch any of my favorite local  health  care providers.

 Lee Post