On the Wing flies — thanks to many

Now, after 13 “On the Wing” productions, my good intent to write a letter of appreciation is finally manifesting. So to all of you ever involved in “winging it” with me, thank you for all those years. And to the 2017 crew — how could one find better people, such beautiful, sincere, giving and talented people?

Nancy Levinson, I wish you would teach oratorical skills. Jeanne Steele,your heart is so huge. Milli Martin, you wow me once again. And Skywalker! — what love and class you pour into your storytelling art.

Carol Ford, I want to shout “hallelujah, little Whippoorwill!” Stephen St. Vincent Benet was dancng on air Friday night. Nancy Hannon and Daniel Perry, what ammazing renditions of Vaughn Williams you gave us. Nancy, your voice as you sang and played “Sky Above The Roof” showed how aether can have substance; and Daniel, that lark definitely ascended through your skilled heart and hands.

Thank you, Adele Person, what an amazing person and singer you are. What a joy to sing in harmony with you and Kari and Nancy, with professional instrumentalists to boot.

Steve Mueller, you “Banjo!” Eleanor Sweeney, singing with you is like floating down a smooth beautiful river; and oh, little Iris O’Laire, you shine like the sun!

Kevin Duff, your “Blackbird” was amazing and your sound expertise was soundly appreciated. Kari Odden, I can’t thank you enough for all your help, you teach me so much without saying a word.

LBNL (that means last but not least), I want to thank Gwennie, our Highlands lass, for bringing me full circle to my Gaelic roots. Thank you, Peggy and our wonderful Homer Council on the Arts. People loved the ambiance and intimate setting. Thanks also to Mossy Kilcher and Nina Faust for their beautiful slides and video and to contributors Laser Print, Two Sisters and Wild Honey. The proceeds from On the Wing benefit the Shorebird Education and Conservation Fund.

My last thank you goes to Robbi Mixon for your organization of such a high quality Shorebird Festival. Until next year, happy migrations!