On the Wing work of many

A huge heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone’s contributions to On the Wing 2015. Without you, it would not happen. To the poets, the singers, musicians, little fiddlers and actors, the audience, the Homer Theatre, the news media, the sound crew, and of course the Shorebird folks, you all rock! 

Since its inception in 2002, with Mavis Mueller and Dorle Harness’ help, three poets, Yelena Marycheva, Suzanne Singer and I, with Polly Hall on the piano, On The Wing soon outgrew the Bunnell. 

Due to Asia Freeman’s vision and coaxing to leave the nest, we flew in new directions. The Homer Family Theatre allowed for some dance and visuals as well as space for Seaside Singers and the ukulele bunch. What a treat to see the Fireweed kids do Deb Schmidt’s Totem Tale on the same stage that I sang on with my family on in 1955. Time flies. 

Because this event was intended more as an affordable community event, we have never made huge profits. But, every year, and only possible due to all the volunteered energy and talent, a little, steady income has been gifted to the Shorebird Conservation and Education Fund. At least once a year, someone calls and excitedly reports having already written a poem for next year, and that’s part of why we continue.  

If anyone out there is interested in helping, don’t be shy, I could gladly give away one of the many production hats that I wear and maybe there will be a 13th On The Wing! Once again, thank you to everyone. 

Sunrise Sjoeberg