One idea of tax reform

Reform serves the purpose getting rid of that which is bad and replacing it with something better. That is why I call for real and true tax reform. The present income tax code punishes good behavior, taxes production and jobs, drives jobs, companies and capital out of our economy into off-shore tax avoidance havens, and it hides taxes embedded in the price paid by the consumer. Without production there is nothing to buy, no improvement in standard of living, no tax base to support government. The cost to all of us who pay taxes to comply with the 75,000 pages of codes is more than $440 billion per year. It gives imported goods a price advantage while it rewards domestic special interest by embedding favors in the codes. The system which includes the Internal Revenue Service is corrupt. 

The solution is to repeal the 16th Amendment that enabled direct taxation on incomes and jobs, the IRS and tax withholding. The solution is not the flat tax that still needs the 16th Amendment and the IRS. The solution is the FairTax bill HR25 and S122. Tell the senatorial candidates your vote is contingent on their pledge to work for the passage of S.122.

Wiley Brooks, Lt. Col. (USAF Retired)