One lot equals one assessment

Judge Huguelet was very clear in his conclusion that the city of Homer’s way of assessing for the natural gas line with regards to condominiums was “arbitrary and unreasonable.” He also ordered the city to correct Ordinance 13-02. Have any of our city council members done their own research into this issue, or are they all content to follow the city manager’s lead? 

When Ken Castner filed suit against the city over this matter (and won) I know for a fact that three of our council members did not pick up the certified letter that was sent to them regarding the suit (yes, that’s half of our city council). So it’s not surprising that they are, for the most part, silent on this issue.

I encourage all condo owners and other property owners to attend the July 28 city council meeting to hear the city manager’s report on the natural gas project and recommendations for condominium assessment. I would also encourage you to exercise your right to voice your opinion.

Margarida Kondak