Parents need facts about vaccines

Whether or not to vaccinate our children is a concern that needs to be treated with respect, and parents’ fears need to have a forum. But the answer can and will be determined by the honest collection and review of scientific data, not helped by emotional alarmist reactions that do not detail facts.

For instance, concerning the questions surrounding autism and vaccination, I wish to direct readers to an excellent article in CNN News of Aug. 28: “Journal questions validity of autism and vaccine study,” by Debra Goldschmidt.This article presents a balanced review of data known to date. The article states: “While the cause of autism is not known, several studies indicate it starts in utero, long before a child is given the MMR or any other vaccinations. As such … it is biologically implausible for vaccines to cause autism. We know the brain and cellular features for children begin when the child is still in the womb. The brain is already developing the wiring that will manifest in autism.”

Let us get our facts straight, consider various viewpoints, gather scientific data honestly presented, and make our decisions and raise our voices based on reason and wisdom. This is how to protect our children from extreme positions that will not serve their health and healing.

Jo Going