Parnell betrays Alaska’s trust

Like many Alaskans, I have been waiting for Gov. Sean Parnell to resign. He is involved in a four-year cover-up of Alaska National Guard sexual abuse crimes. What has happened here is a very serious matter, a cover-up of multiple, perhaps ongoing crimes.

All over America, presidents of universities, athletic directors and famous coaches have resigned because of their involvement in the cover-up of sexual abuse crimes.  Why hasn’t Gov. Parnell resigned? How many women could have been saved from rape if Parnell had listened to the National Guard chaplains who asked him for action. 

We the people need to express our outrage of this four-year cover-up at the voting booth. Gov. Parnell’s delay in taking action is extremely irresponsible and disrespectful to all Alaskans, especially the victims of these horrific crimes.  Firing Sean Parnell is the right thing to do. Vote Bill Walker for governor on Nov. 4. 

Jack Brown