Parnell’s rule = abject misery

Captain Zero is no longer Captain Zero — he’s leading the charge into negative numbers. Deep into deficits, record deficits. Palin, his predecessor, charged oil companies royalty rates less than the world average and accumulated a “rainy day” surplus of $11 billion. In the last two years, Parnell’s deficits have been nearly half of that. And he wants to continue? Continue giving buddies breaks and spending more.

The state spent $2,800 per resident on construction projects each year. Four of Parnell’s proposed pet projects — road to Juneau, Knik crossing, Su dam, LNG pipeline partnership — would add $44,000 per resident that you must pay into the future.

That’s leadership? That shows he doesn’t understand fourth grade math. Or he’s stuck somewhere between when you learn negative numbers from your teacher, and when you really learn negative numbers from your credit card. He’s a hot date — looks good when you’ve got a credit card in your pocket.

The result was best said by Benjamin Franklin, back when time didn’t cost as much:

“Annual income $5 – annual expenses $4.98 = happiness.

Annual income $5 – annual expenses $5.02 = misery.”

Gordy Vernon