Party line ideology poisons process

It is not often that I write a letter to the editor, but this is a time I feel compelled to voice strong support for representative Paul Seaton in District 31. He has the courage to actually lead in order to move things forward. He not only represents his district exceedingly well, but Representative Seaton works towards the consideration and benefit of the working people all across the state of Alaska.

Paul Seaton is a problem solver. He is wise, soft spoken, honest and hard working. His staff consists of some of the most dedicated, caring and involved people I know. During the legislative session his regular newsletters are comprehensive and extremely informative, not just a list of platitudes and photos of self-promotion. When the legislature is not in session, I see Paul and Tina Seaton involved in the community, attending the many, many cultural and educational opportunities we have here, memorials/celebrations of life, the farmers market, local fundraisers and events that connect people all across his district. Paul Seaton is very embraced by this community. In these times of greatly polarized divisions and the fiscal situation Alaska faces today, it is a breath of fresh air to be represented by a legislator who listens, works hard and breaks through old ideological lines.

Big industry/business groups, under the umbrella of ‘The Accountability Project’ are focused specifically on ousting 2 incumbent republican House Representative candidates, Paul Seaton of Homer and Jim Colver of Palmer, who have dared work across the aisle and who are not stuck in party ideology. Party line ideology is what has poisoned our legislature. The candidates supported by ‘The Accountability Project’ send a chilling message coming from the reach of Citizens United, right down to our most local elections and it feels personal. Before you vote on August 16th, I urge you will take the time to ‘follow the money’ on The Accountability Project and learn that it does not represent an Alaskan voice. Paul Seaton most certainly does.


Rika Mouw