Pay back those IOUs

I have always paid my debts on time no matter what it took to do so. Working two jobs were required at times to do so. One hundred percent of people who have owed me money have failed to live up to their obligation to pay me. This is an extremely poor comment on the integrity of people as a whole.

The check is in the mail, sorry I lost my job, my car broke down, any excuse they can come up with. Then you see them at the bar having a good time with your money.

I am sure I am not alone with this scenario.

It is very hard to not become jaded in trusting in a person’s word in this day and age. In the past a person’s word was his bond. No contract was needed, and they are worthless anyway, as you would need to sue for compliance at great personal expense. You can’t get blood out of a turnip.

I greatly enjoy my ability to help my fellow man but am dismayed at the resultant consequences of doing so. I do not loan money that could damage my personal financial position but have put myself at jeopardy in the past to help someone in need. My generosity has caused the lack of my ability to engage in personal objectives, which are dear to me, and do not seem to be comprehended by the IOU recipients.

If one is in dire need of help do not lie about your ability to repay monies you borrow. People that wish to help you will cut you off in the future. This is what integrity is all about. 

Once burned twice shy. Don’t burn your bridges.

James Mikesell