Peer leaders add to HoWL trips

 On behalf of HoWL, I would like to thank the Homer Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee for enabling youth to participate in our Peer Leadership Program, through their grant award. The grant allocates funds for HoWL’s Peer Leaders (local high school students) to lead day trips three times a week throughout the summer. After graduating from an extensive leadership-training program, 12 peer leaders have begun to help lead HoWL day trips and expeditions.

As peer leaders, these HoWLers teach wilderness skills such as knife safety, backcountry risk management, local flora and fauna, teamwork, and role model other critical topics on HoWL trips. HoWL instructors agree that having a peer leader on every trip has significantly enhanced the quality of all HoWL trips. 

Instructor Kiko Sweeney says, “Autumn (Baker) and Quinn (Alward) were always ready to teach the group with smiles on their faces and jokes in their back pockets,” on the Fire and Ice trip in mid-June to Grewingk Glacier Lake.  

For the rest of this summer, HoWL’s peer leaders will be leading trips around Homer and across the bay, honing their leadership skills and outdoor experience. This program has already begun to develop leaders of the future and will continue to do so, thanks to the Youth Advisory Committee of the Homer Foundation, and their support of HoWL’s Peer Leader Program. Thanks again for your support. 

Libby Veasey

HoWL Executive and Programs Director