Penney’s tactic: divide and conquer

As a longtime Alaska resident and lover of all things salmon I am compelled to speak up and step up. 

The recent attack on setnetters by Bob Penney and the the Kenai River Sportfishing Association is nothing but  scapegoating for the purpose of greed and control. It is no different from the anti-social campaigns of  Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. Namely, create an enemy and an image so bad and evil that you can pursue your own immoral and destructive designs without criticism or other interference. After all if someone is shown to be bad (in this case, setnetters), then conversely the others become the good ones (industrial/commercial Kenai guides), heroes and champions  — like Bob and the KRSA crew. 

Bob would have the entire commercial and subsistence community liquidated if he could, but he must start with the setnetters. The fact is that industrial-commercial molestation (catch and release), high grading for larger fish, harvest etc. by the in-river guiding industry of king salmon on their in-river spawning habitat has a severe effect on the resource. 

It is time to put this new-old propaganda tactic in the trash bin where it belongs. All of us who want this world class, sustainable and renewable resource to thrive and prosper should continue to collectively support the science that has been managing it for nearly a century. 

Thumbs down to “Bad News Bob.”

Walt Bovich