Picture us loving life — together

I do the most writing at night. Head on the pillow. Brain swarming with thoughts. My jaw tightens and — rather than rest, the restless thoughts crowd in. So I start writing in my mind, putting the thoughts in place. Explaining them to myself. Practicing the explanation to others. This one in particular keeps me up at night.

I am Pro-Life.

That claim has earned me some cruel words. Some tears.

In those words, I know a fight is often waged. A fight between people who oppose — and who support — that view. I’ve never been good at fights. I cry. Which is completely undignified.

Rather than rouse the anger of this town I love, I want to share my hope for us. My husband calls it “Toni Land.” It’s this lovely place where things always work out for good, and people are kind, and nobody dies and…well, it’s just a pretty nice place.

So in Toni Land, I picture Us. Loving life. Together. Life is so much better when we are friends.

Let’s speak kindly to each other. That’s pro-life.

Let’s listen to someone who has a different viewpoint, and respond with wisdom rather than personal attacks. That’s pro-life.

Let’s acknowledge the needs of every person. Not just the unborn. Not just the born. That’s pro-life.

Let’s know that life is a gift. Every life.

From the moment of conception, every single person is given a unique DNA. There will not be another one just like them. During pregnancy, after birth and for their entire lives, they will have that same unique DNA.

That once-in-the-history-of-the-world-life is a gift to you — and can be a gift to others as well.

My hope is that we could ALL remember that. When we look in the mirror. When we drive — or bike — down the road. When we walk through the grocery store. When we order lunch at a restaurant. When we write things on Facebook. When we write letters to the editor.

May the knowledge that we are a gift affect the way we view every single person, not just in our community, but wherever we — or our words — may travel.

If you would like to have a polite conversation about pro-life, I’d be happy to share my thoughts and listen to yours. No tears.

Feel free to contact me at tonirosshomer@gmail.com.

Toni Ross serves on the Board of Directors for the Pregnancy Care Center of Homer.