Pink Martini concert result of community working together

It takes a village. No truer words were spoken when it comes to the Pink Martini performances Sept 14. Although I am relatively new to Homer, I recognize that this community is truly a special place where the people spontaneously pitch in during times of need. Putting on an event of this magnitude, as my first event, was a gigantic challenge. Have I mentioned the technical rider? All 18 pages of it were intimidating. 

Let me start with the two-page list of instruments. Where the heck was I going to come up with “3 Drum Thrones (Roc n Soc, Tama, or equivalent)”? Really? And that was only the beginning.  Let it suffice to say that this community jumped in without hesitation to help pull it all together. 

I can’t begin to count the number of mornings that I looked up from my desk to see Johnny B. pulling up with that wry smile and cheerful words “What ’cha need today, girl?” Words of comfort, care, all delivered with a twinkle.

I must thank Jim Buncak, Hal Spence, Tyler Munns and Tom Klinker, all of whom brought equipment to the theater at the last minute. 

And speaking of last minute, Michael Hayes and Shane completely saved the day; without them the sound would not have been what it was. Thanks also to Mike Hurd, Jesse Bolt and Amy Johnson for hanging in there with demands and changes along the way. How about that Devil’s Club Orchestra? What a fantastic opening act with some of our talented locals. I hope to see more of them in the future.

As always, Mike Warburton and Pam from Ocean Shores Motel graciously housed the 14 members of the tour. Then there was the fundraiser: Janie Buncak, Angela Brock, Darrel Oliver and Kathy Pate marched forward without a bat of an eye when we had to change the fundraiser and all of the publicity. Carri Thurman of Two Sisters Bakery donated the incredible food — thank you. A huge nod of appreciation is due to Lynn Spence, who gathered two full meals and snacks for 45 people (I didn’t know we were going to be in the catering business!). 

Thanks also to Sean Maryott, Sallie Rediske, Shari Daugherty, Jon Kulhanek, Cindy Nelson, Kathy Pate, Linda Robinson and Diane Borgman for providing backstage food. The band couldn’t stop talking about it, and for good reason. Nick from Nick’s Taxi generously donated taxi rides at the end of a long evening.

Paula Kulhanek managed the dedicated house staff and drove the vans donated by Kevin at Ageya Wilderness Education. Along with Hannah Heimbuch and Shirley Fidora, the team took them everywhere they wanted to go; they couldn’t have asked for better guides (even though you didn’t track down a moose, Paula!). Lori Evans of Homer News, Quinton Chandler and Glenn Caldwell of KBBI, and Tim White from KWVV and Diane Borgman of Homer Ocean Charters were generous with publicity support; thank you. 

Whole-heartedly I want to recognize Kari Odden, my irreplaceable left hand (that’s the creative side!) for everything. Without you, we would not have pulled this off and I am forever grateful.

Last and certainly not least I want to thank the community of Homer for stepping up to support Homer Council on the Arts with your participation as members and attending the events that we produce. You are amazing and I am so happy to be here doing this incredible work. What a glorious village.

Peggy Paver, executive director

Homer Council on the Arts