Please return BaycrestHill plants

Dear Homer gardeners, 

For the second time this spring, someone has removed plants (peonies and lilies) from the Emblem Club garden at Baycrest Hill. I know that there has been information circulating that the gardens at the pullout are all being  redone this year but that is not true. The Homer Garden Club is working with the City of Homer to redo its garden but, to the best of my knowledge, the others are not being gutted and replanted. That is certainly not true for the Emblem Club garden. 

If the taking of plants was an honest mistake, we would much appreciate them being returned and replaced in the holes that you left. If it was not, then shame on you. We work hard each year to maintain the garden for which we are responsible and take pride in the way it looks. If you have any questions you can contact me at 907-299-0343.

Julie Parizek, president 

Homer Emblem Club No. 350