Please vote responsibly

I hope the residents of Homer give serious thought to the upcoming election. The Homer City Council, the past mayor, the former and present city managers and department of public works have all been aware of the damage to the property in the Baycrest Subdivision by the cutting of trees and the clear-cutting on the bluff done by Enstar Gas.

The City of Homer borrowed $10 to $12 million from the Kenai Peninsula Borough to pay Enstar Gas to install the pipelines and destroy our property. Now they want to borrow an equal amount to build a police station. It seems to me if we are going to keep borrowing money that we all have to pay back it would be better spent for education and putting seat belts in the school buses. We would be investing in future generations and possibly saving the lives of our children instead of housing alcoholics and potheads.

I wonder how many of you have ever questioned just where the money paid to Enstar Gas was spent. They took so many shortcuts and damaged so much property for which they refuse to take responsibility. I have appeared more than once at the city council meetings and met with both the former and present city managers and NEVER received so much as a telephone call.

I had to call the Regulatory Commission of Alaska to get Enstar to return my calls and was told by the commission that they did not have jurisdiction to regulate anything other than make them return my calls. My question is “why do we even have a Regulatory Commission of Alaska if they don’t have jurisdiction to regulate the gas companies?”

City of Homer and Homer City Council have turned a deaf ear to the Homer residents who have asked for help with Enstar’s reckless destruction of property. Please vote carefully and responsibly. Maybe it is time for Homer citizens to have their own town meeting.

Shirley Thompson