Prediction: Senate flip coming

I have a prediction. Keeping an eye on the overall market out into the realm of the “fuzzy boundary” of it all, where all kinds of variables are a swirl, I’ve come to recognize the “strange attractor” of a robust, expanding economy actually forming up. And out of the great mysteriousness of things, thanks, especially, to the “butterfly wing effect” of the court’s Hobby Lobby decision, the U.S. House of Representatives, this November, is going to big time flip and Senate Democrats are going to find themselves in a possession of a filibuster-proof Senate. 

If that should happen, the Dow is going to 20,000, especially if Janet Yellen can keep interest rates low. Just watch what will happen when some reasonable and vital public spending, at a bargain-based price, is finally allowed to take place. 

Anyway, I’m counting on the other half of humanity along with my brown, red, yellow and black brothers to save us lily-white, male fools from our dour, mean-spirited selves. The time, I believe, has come for a national debate on what it means to be truly pro-life.

The right’s hypocrisy won’t stand. All they’ve ever proven themselves to be is pro themselves. 

Tim O’Leary