Prom was one enchanting evening

This year’s Homer High School “Enchanted Forest” prom on April 15 was a rousing success. Heartfelt thanks goes first to the group of students, led by Samantha Moonin and Mychaela Pitta, who worked so hard on all the details of organizing this major public event.

The decorations committee owes a huge debt to Susan Bunting who generously lent her foliage and photo props; and to Jeanie and Libby Fabich, who provided the alder branches that created a truly enchanting atmosphere. Kristin Metz, Cindy Koplin, Jim Kienitz and Michelle Borland were indispensable in tracking loose ends, while the prom planning expertise shared with us by Gia Baker and Lauren Kuhns ensured that the evening would go off without a hitch.

Scott Fraley with Denali North Events kept the crowd enthusiastic from the moment of their arrival to the final dance at midnight. The staff at Land’s End provided a delicious spread throughout the evening, while Joshua Veldstra energetically photographed wave after wave of elegant attendees.

Last, but not least, I thank the chaperones who joined us to make this event safe and memorable. Once again, Homer should be very proud of the caliber of young adults we are raising.