Prop 1 easily passes

By a 3-to-1 margin, Proposition 1, the vote to divert into the general fund sales taxes collected through the city of Homer’s Homer Accelerated Roads and Trails fund, easily passed in a special election on Tuesday. With a 13-percent turnout, in unofficial results, voters in both Homer precincts approved the vote. Prop 1 won with 368 yes votes to 115 no votes.

It makes life a little bit easier for everyone, and adds some stability with the city while we work on our other budget problems,” said Homer City Council member and Mayor Pro Tem David Lewis. “So now it’s Budget A, with any changes the council makes at the time.”

In Homer Precinct 1, “yes” got 229 votes to 77 “no” votes. In Homer Precinct 2, “yes” got 139 votes to 38 “no” votes. With 89 absentee votes, 10 special needs votes and 6 questioned votes, and a 253 vote difference between yes and no votes in unofficial results, there is no way uncounted votes could turn the election. The city canvass board will count untallied votes at its meeting on Friday, with the election to be certified at Monday night’s Homer City Council meeting.

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