PSP found in mussels tested in Kachemak Bay

Toxic shellfish have been found in Pacific blue mussels in the Homer harbor, according to an alert from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. Mussels sampled by the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve tested positive for paralytic shellfish poisoning by Southeast Alaska Tribal Ocean Research.

Commercially sold shellfish is tested by the Department of Environmental Conservation and considered safe to eat.

Symptoms of PSP include tingling of the lips or fingertips and numbness of the arms and legs. PSP can be fatal. Anyone with these symptoms should seek immediate medical care or call 911. For more information, call DHSS at 907-269-8000.

“Shellfish accumulate phytoplankton and can concentrate the toxins they carry in their tissue, which can lead to shellfish poisoining in humans. If you dig shellfish, it is at your own risk,” according to a PSP alert issued by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services issued Wednesday.


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