Public ignorant of big issues

Before we come to the precipice of World War III or another 9/11-style false flag event, there is much the public should come to know. Russia has for the the last 100 years built and invested in a vast costly infrastructure for delivery of its oil to European neighbor nations in Ukraine. There also happens to be Russia’s badly needed port on the Black Sea. Oil? Starting to get the picture about why we are really there? 

Now Ukraine is about 30 percent of Russian descent, yet Ukraine does not want to have anything to do with either Euro/America (E.U.) or Russia. It just wants to be its own sovereign nation. Six months ago it voted solidly to reject joining the E.U. and United Nations. The “powers that be” (i.e. Rothschilds/Dutch Royalty/etc.) who own and run the United Nations, E.U. and USA (get it through your head that our president works for Goldman/Sachs) cannot allow Russia to keep what is rightfully theirs. Why do you not hear about this stuff through the mainstream media? Because the “powers that be” own our media too (along with half the money on the planet). Please become informed of history of money and shadow government. 

Rev. Richard Olson