Ramp 2 restroom needs some help

It has been a couple years since I wrote about the public restrooms on the Homer Spit; the highly visible, super busy, rundown restrooms at the top of Ramp 2. They continue to be as busy as ever and continue to be a public eyesore. With all the new restrooms in low traffic areas along the harbor rim, the new bike trail and the big new harbor office you would think somewhere hidden in the various budgets there would be enough money to at least give this building a paint job and provide soap in the ladies bathrooms. It has been some time now with an apology sticky note saying “sorry out of soap”. For the first time ever I am starting to see graffiti in there and I’m told its spray painted on the walls in the men’s room too. It’s not surprising I guess with the condition it is in that people may figure no one cares about it. Well I do. I know they say the cruise ship money paid for the miscellaneous new bathrooms, but what about all the taxes received from the tens of thousands of charter clients; … fishing, bear viewing, paddling, birding or just shopping… doesn’t their well spent money count? I have heard it said the building is going to be torn down and replaced, fine… in the meantime I think the City of Homer should be putting a little bit of respect into the building until such time and hopefully address the smell while they are at it.

Gerri Martin