Recall distress

I am deeply distressed by the current recall effort. The city council is a legislative body responsible for advocating for the health and well-being of the city as a whole. Part of this process is to propose and discuss resolutions and ordinances, including those brought to them by individual community members.

I am an avid follower of the City Council Preliminary Tentative Regular Meeting Agendas, the Tentative Regular Meeting Agendas and the Regular Meeting Agendas posted on the city website for successive upcoming meetings. I frequently send my comments to sponsoring council members about their draft proposals, which are sometimes identified only by title and a placeholder number. Sometimes they respond. Sometimes these draft proposals are withdrawn before the formal agenda is presented. I appreciate this opportunity to help shape policy I am interested in.

I read over 100 pages of written public comments in the supplemental packet for the Feb. 27 council meeting where Resolution 17-019 was considered. The vast majority of the written comments addressed Resolution 17-xxx which was a placeholder resolution whose language was not final.

A vast majority of the written comments asked the Council to vote against the resolution. Resolution 17-019 was defeated.

Everyone should appreciate this access to our council members and a free sharing of thoughts ahead of binding official action. I know I do. Please vote No on the recall of the three council members.