Recall waste of time, money, energy

I’m greatly disappointed that the effort to recall city council members is proceeding to a vote. Recall is an extreme act, meant for removing from office before the end of a term an official for “misconduct in office, incompetence, or failure to perform prescribed duties.”

The recall sponsors have offered no evidence of that kind of behavior — normally understood to involve corruption, bribery or the abandonment of duty — on the part of the three council members being attacked. Recall backers simply didn’t agree with two resolutions — resolutions being the weakest kind of government action, a mere statement of intent — introduced for consideration. The one they most objected to was voted down after consideration.

The fact that the city attorney and clerk found the recall petitions “sufficient” says nothing about the truth of the allegations — only that enough signatures were gathered and now voters will judge the truth of the allegations for themselves.

At the most recent council meeting, recall backers complained that people were accusing them of being mean and hateful. They wanted to be seen as innocent victims who were only expressing their opinions. No. Expressing opinions and taking part in political activity is all well and good and part of our valued democratic process. Calling for the removal of elected officials by falsely accusing them of misconduct is something else. Recall backers have attacked the integrity and reputations of three very fine, hard-working, compassionate individuals who give so much to our community in so many ways — not just through their council service but throughout their daily lives.

The recall is an enormous waste of time, money and energy and is destructive to the spirit of Homer. I urge Homer voters to express their appreciation to our council members and other community volunteers who give so much of themselves to serving our town in positive and caring ways, and to vote NO on June 13.