Recipe tips from Paul Banks first-grade students

By McKibben Jackinsky

Staff writer

When it comes to giving, the Paul Banks Elementary School first-grade students in Brandon Young’s classroom are ready to do their part by giving recipes for the holiday season.



This is the best eggnog ever. First, crack the eggs. Next, stir the eggs and the pumpkin flavor. Then mix the milk. Put the egg nog in the freezer. Bon appetit!

— Adam Swenson

Poultry, beef, fish

Do you know how to make the best turkey ever? First, you scrape off the feathers. Next, you cook the turkey at two degrees for half a minute. Then you get jalapenos. Then you get the stuffing. Ding, ding, ding, the turkey is…ready!  Finally you sprinkle the jalapenos, then you stuff the stuffing. Enjoy!

— Jasmine Lurus

Do you want to make the best meatloaf? First, get hamburger meat. Next, sprinkle a little onions. Then get some salt. Last, cook it at ten degrees for one minute. Wa laa!

— Violet P. Sweat 

Have you made smoked salmon? Mine is one of the best in the world. First, fillet it to the bone. Next, put it on a toothpick. After, let it cool off. Then, season it and let it cook at 205 degrees for five minutes. Perfecto.

— Hayden Albarado 

This is how you make a good halibut. First, put the halibut in the pot. Next, salt on the halibut. Then, chocolate on the halibut. Finally, cook it at 50 degrees for 50 hours. Enjoy!

— Mavrik Kulikov


Can you make stuffing? It is really, really yummy. First, cut your bread. Next, chop the onions. Then, chop celery and then sprinkle spices on the pieces of bread. Bake it at 45 degrees and cook it at about 12 minutes. Enjoy.

— Troy Neese


You are going to like and love this potato soup recipe. First, cut up some onions and potatoes. Next, fry the onions. Then, get a pot. Last, put the onions and potatoes in the pot. Finally, put water in the pot. After that, cook it in the pot for 101 degrees. Ooh la la. Do you like it?

— Aliria Bryce

If you try my mashed potatoes with gravy, then you can eat now. First, put potatoes in a bowl. Next, put one cup of milk in a bowl. Then, mash the potatoes. Put four cups of gravy in a bowl. Put two cups of water in a bowl. Put three cups of sauce in a bowl. Last, put all of the stuff in one bowl and mix and it is done. Wa laa.

— Morgan Haines

This is how you make the best potatoes. First, slice the sweet potatoes. Spread the brown sugar on them. Put marshmallows on the stove. Next, cook at 45 degrees for 20 minutes. Eat it!

— Camden Wise 


This is an excellent lasagna recipe. First, noodles. Next, spread cheese. Then put on a meat. Next put on sauce. Last, cook for 20 minutes at 20 degrees. Enjoy!

— Donovan Lee

I know there are more green bean casserole recipes in the world, but mine is the best! First, put a lot of stuffing and potatoes in a pan. Next, put some pepper on the stuffing and the potatoes. After, put green beans, broccoli, salmon, corn juice, corn, salt and chicken in a pan. Last, cook them for half in hour. Bon appetit.

— Elizabeth Mayhew

Cranberry sauce

Do you know how to make the best cranberry sauce? First you get a cranberry. Next you squeeze the cranberry. Then you squeeze the cranberry in the bowl with sugar and sweet potatoes. Last, you cook it for 57 minutes at 6 degrees. Dig in!

— Caitlin Smith

I know that there is other cranberry sauce in the world, but mine is the best. Get cranberries and mix them. Next, squeeze them. Last, cook them in the oven for a half hour at a low heat. Mix them again. Finally, put them in a bowl. Ohh la la.

— Lexie Sweeney


This is how to make the best chili in the universe. First, get two cups of beans. Next, smash one cup of beans. Then, mix up the ingredients in a bowl and put it in the oven at 250 degrees. Hope you’re hungry!

— Elsa Otis


Here is a good recipe for pumpkin pie. First, mix the flour with water. Next, add four eggs and pumpkin. Then add two cups of sugar. After, stir and shape it into dough and make pie crust. Last, cook in the oven at 250 degrees. Add whipped cream. Enjoy!

— Bryce Glidden 

This is the best pie recipe. First, roll out the dough. Next, mix sugar and berries. Put the berries on the crust. Mix. Last, cook at 55 degrees for five minutes. Ooh la la!

— Brock Barth

Ice cream

What do you think about ice cream? First mix two cups of milk with two cups of chocolate and a bar of butter. Last, mix two cups of sugar. Put them in the fridge. Wa laa!

— Paige Haines