Relative of Homer’s namesake visits city

Craig Pennock, great-grandson of Homer’s namesake, Homer Pennock, and a resident of West Palm Beach, Fla., made his first visit to Homer this week. Traveling with him were his fiancee, Marti Kauffman, and Kauffman’s daughter and her fiancé, Michelle Kauffman and Matt Staber. Kauffman said when she suggested they visit Alaska, Pennock mentioned his family’s connection to Homer. 

In 1896, Pennock’s great-grandfather arrived in the area as a crew manager for the Alaska Gold Mining Company. He promoted a placer gold mine at Anchor Point, but then left Alaska in search of gold in the Klondike. He died in New York in 1912.  

It was a short visit to Homer for Pennock and his traveling companions, but long enough for wildlife viewing, a trip to Halibut Cove and a stop at the Pratt Museum, where he learned more about family history.

“I wish I knew more about Homer, but coming here, I was able to find out more,” said Pennock of his great-grandfather.

Now that they’ve made their first trip to Homer, Pennock and Kauffman said they plan on returning.

“It’s kind of nice to have this little tie,” said Pennock.