Resolution hurt Homer

I am receiving feedback from several segments of tourism and especially business endeavors with regards to the consideration for Homer to become a sanctuary city. I am thankful the real members of the Homer City Council stood firm on our Constitution but there is now significant blowback.

Due to the cloud created by the confusion of the sponsors of the resolution, the name and goodwill of our city is at a loss and the losses include tourism which our economy relies on greatly. It will take time to recover the momentum destroyed by this effort.

I request the following on behalf of the City of Homer residents:

1) An immediate campaign to proclaim Homer an American City open for business and tourism with a respect for law and order is required to overcome this obstacle.

2) The Bible says to cast out the contentious person and the strife will cease. The sponsor(s) be removed from the city council and sued to repay for the labor and time and defamation of character to the image and mission of the City of Homer. It will rid the council of these individuals determined to destroy our economy by reckless endangerment and hold them accountable for their actions.

3) Enact “Executive Order” to prevent future waste of time and labor with frivolous resolutions which do not involve the City of Homer directly. Personal agendas and political dissension will not be at the expense of taxpayer resources.