Rotary scholarship appreciated

In late August of this year, I will begin the next chapter of my life: college. I intend to major in conservation biology and minor in environmental  policy/political science at State University of New York College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) in Syracuse, N.Y. 

At SUNY-ESF, I will focus on building a solid foundation on the biology aspect of conservation, yet I will accent this endeavor by studying policy to round out my bachelor’s degree. Ultimately, I will study anthropology after I receive my bachelor’s, as my field is highly interdisciplinary and sways to the tune of political and cultural values. 

Between these degrees, I hope to take a couple “gap years” to join the Peace Corps and to be able to apply my study immediately.

I would like to thank the Homer Kachemak Bay Rotary Club for graciously awarding me with a $1,000 scholarship toward my academic ambitions. They are a wonderfully amiable and giving organization in this community, and I am truly honored to have been selected to represent their values from afar.

Jessica Grant