Sales tax on food should be reinstated

I support reinstatement of the year-around sales tax on nonprepared foods. I acknowledge that this is a regressive tax, but that is mitigated by the progressivity of the property tax. A broadbased sales tax is more equitable than targeted taxes in this community and allows the city to collect some revenue for its services to those outside the city.
Together, Homer’s property tax and a year-around sales tax provide a reasonable revenue stream for the services we desire. It is irresponsible for the city to neglect core services, including depreciation accounts to fund discretionary programs such as community recreation, nonprofits, the museum and emergency Zamboni batteries.
However, we can fund these programs that make Homer a better place to live if we are willing to pay. I urge the council to reinstate the sales tax to support a reasonable balance of our wants and needs.
Mary Griswold