Salmonstock 2014: another success

It was another successful Salmonstock at Ninilchik this year. Many thanks to  all the attendees, great bands, volunteers, tech crews, vendors, info booths, vocal folks, Salmonstock staff and their friends flown up from the Lower 48 to help with the festival — although we Alaskans could have done the job. 

Salmonstock has the potential to be the biggest and best music event in Alaska history. We are still a work in progress, as it is the fourth year. There are still things to be worked out. As someone who has been there from the very genesis of Salmonstock, having years of experience in the industry, the festival still seems to be an impromptu affair. With other experienced Alaskans helping the Salmonstock staff this festival magically occurs.  

Sincerest apologies to those bands having incidents or problems with the festival that “harshed the groove.” Best wishes for Salmonstock 5. 

Wes  “the Mess” Schacht