Science rules

More than 450 people came out on Earth Day and marched down Pioneer Avenue to celebrate all the ways that science makes our lives and the Homer community better. More than 600 marches happened around the world on April 22, but this March for Science was uniquely Homer.

We sang, we chanted, we cheered and the Bossy Pants Brass Band led the charge with the Bill Nye Science Guy theme song. Thanks to Don Pitcher and John Whittier for capturing the faces, costumes and signs for us all to enjoy online (#homerhookedonscience). Thanks to Robert Archibald for the sound system, Homer Council on the Arts for offering up their outdoor space, Flex students for engaging the crowd to write down personal connections to science, community members who shared their stories, and our MC Dave Aplin for being Dave. Thanks to our Homer Police for getting us all across the road; and most especially, thanks to all of you who showed up.

But the march is just a beginning — a movement in motion stays in motion.