Seaton, council wrong about seniors

Just about all the money that Bill and I earn on our fixed income goes right back into the Homer community. You can ask the myriad contactors and repair persons, the lawn maintenance companies, the utilities, city of Homer itself, our veterinarian, dog groomer, grocery store, excavator, house painter, gas company, plumber, electrician, etc. etc. etc. just how much money we have poured into this community in the time we have lived here. You can also ask the many places that have benefitted from volunteer work done out of this household.

How dare our city council call us a burden and how dare Rep. Paul Seaton introduce a bill that will hurt seniors based on a “unanimous vote” of the Homer City Council — seniors, a vulnerable population now out of the work force with neither the time nor the means to recover from this assault. A demographic, who worked all their lives to carefully plan for their old age and who in spite of having reached retirement, still give back significantly to this entire community in the way of supporting jobs for services that they can no longer do themselves by returning what they make to the local economy.

Dear Rep. Paul Seaton and dear Homer City Council, please explain to the retailers and service providers of this community why this household is immediately curtailing all but essential spending within this community. 

Burden is as burden does and your attitude is a burden to the good name and the good will and the significant spending done by the senior citizens of this city. We vote and we still have our minds.This will not be forgotten as we choose to spend our limited dollars where they will actually be appreciated.

Bill and Marianne Schlegelmilch