Seaton is a treat

In response to Leonard Miller’s Nov. 17 Letter to the Editor “Is Seaton a ‘tricker’ or ‘treater’?”:

Like you, I, too, was raised Republican in a small Iowa town. If you didn’t go to church on Sunday, you stayed home. Stores were closed. Conformity was the way.

In my dad’s law office, I later discovered a saying by Abraham Lincoln. It said to stand by him while he is right and part with his ways when he goes wrong. I watched my dad live that. By choosing the wisdom path, he was often more able to be a stronger friend because he didn’t go downhill when the herd went downhill.

What we need is thinking people who can see the larger picture of what is going on and creatively find ways to solve our mutual problems.

Trick or treat? It is a treat that Rep. Paul Seaton, a capable problem solver, is willing and able to work with people, regardless of political labels, to get the things done that need to be done … “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Martha Ellen Anderson